Sunday, January 25, 2015

La maison des Seamons est dans une rue tranquille.

Tomorrow, my class will be learning about "La vie en ville" -- we'll be talking about where we live, and what our houses & apartments are like inside (there's an extra p in the french appartement).  We'll learn how to describe a house or an apartment and differentiate between the US system of numbering stories to the French system (1st floor = le rez-de-chausée, 2nd floor = le premier étage, etc.)  We'll also be learning how to pronounce the French "l" sound.  Here is a quote from our text book:

"Say the English word little.  Notice how your tongue moves from the front to the back of your mouth.  In English, we have two ways of producing the consonant l: a front l, with the tongue against the upper front teeth and a final l, pronounced with the tongue pulled back.  To pronounce a French l, however, always keep your tongue against your upper front teeth, just like the English front l."

Sometimes, in French, the -ill- combination of letters is pronounced with the /l/ sound and sometimes with the /j/ sound.  This is totally unpredictable and must be memorized.  Here are some examples:

mille  (thousand)
la ville  (the city)
tranquille  (calm, quiet, still, peaceful)
un million  (a million)
le village  (the village)

la fille  (the girl or the daughter)
se maquiller  (to put on makeup)
s'habiller  (to get dressed)
la famille  (the family)

We're also learning about verbs like choisir (to choose) which is conjugated like this:

Je choisis                  nous choisissons
tu choisis                  vous choisissez
il/elle/on choisit       ils/elles choisissent

past participle:  choisi

Some common verbs conjugated like choisir:

finir (to finish)
obéir à (to obey)
désobéir à (to disobey)
punir (to punish)
réfléchir à (to think)
réussir à (to succeed or to pass)

And speaking of apartments.  Here is a fabulous look into a Parisian apartment of an American couple.  Enjoy!

Credits:  Chez Nous, 4th ed. Valdman, Pons and Scullen and

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