Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Adventure!

Cardinal Stritch University is a private Roman Catholic university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It is the largest Franciscan university in the United States.  It offers classes throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Its motto is Ut probetis potiora which means "to value the better things."  It bears the name of Cardinal Samuel Alphonsius Stritch who was the archbishop of Chicago from 1940-1958.  The university has a rich liberal arts tradition and a fantastic athletics program comprised of 10 women's and 10 men's varsity teams.   

Stritch has a new Modern Languages Department Chair who is excited about expanding their language programs and, as a result, hired me as their newest faculty member.  I am, at present, the only French professor on campus.  What an exciting time!  Our goal is to introduce a French minor as soon as possible and in the meantime, help the students get excited about learning all foreign languages offered.  Wish me luck!

For more information on Cardinal Stritch University, click here.  

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