Saturday, August 23, 2014

I've discovered the best magazine!  It's called AFAR.  AND it features perspectives from Paris local, Lindsey Tramuta.  You can also see more tips from Lindsey in AFAR's comprehensive up-to-date destination guide to Paris here on their website.  I'm so glad I have this for my next trip!!


  1. someday....SOME day....when i actually get to will be THEE first person i contact. it's one of those dreams tucked right into my heart. when are you heading there next? tickled to be a part of your blog. smooch. auntie jenni is me....jennifer

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the wonderful comment! Please enter your email on the blog and subscribe! I don't have any plans to go to Paris in the near future, but my husband and I are headed to two French-speaking countries in April -- Tahiti and New Caledonia. We are so excited! Watch the blog for details and more into! Enchantée et au revoir!